New York City Football Club, MLS

For The City

Launch Date

July 25, 2021


The Details

NYCFC + For The City

It's not easy to stand out in New York. It's even tougher when you are a professional sports team competing with 10 other local teams. But, when you look at your responsibility as a club to be bigger than just wins and losses on the pitch and you set an aggressive vision to positively impact all of the kids in the five boroughs, you immediately stand out. That's what NYCFC and their foundation, City in the Community, has set out to do. Brandfly Studios is working side by side with the NYCFC team to tell this story and inspire partners to join the mission. For The City was launched in July 2021 and we are just getting started.

New York City Football Club:

For The City

"We believe in the power of soccer – to inspire youth, transform communities and bring people together. We love this game and we love this city."