United Dairy Industry of Michigan

Milk Means More

Launch Date

November 15, 2022


The Details

Milk Means More

The Michigan dairy industry is trying to reach the Millennial and Gen Z demographics with a focus on the many health benefits diets rich in all-natural dairy products. Brandfly helped them form a roster of athletes/influencers who can speak directly to Gen Z and tell their stories through customized and authentic digital content.

Frank Ragnow:

NFL Football

"For all those young athletes out there, milk is a great source of natural protein that will help you build strength and fuel your performance."

Sierra Brooks:


"I wake up and have chocolate milk. That gets my day started and keeps me fueled to get through long practices and has definitely contributed to my success."

Ziyah Holman:

Track & Field

"I know where I want to be in the future and see how other high-level athletes compete and also how they eat – with foods like milk, cheese and yogurt."

Saddiq Bey:

NBA Basketball

"Low-fat chocolate milk is my go-to drink after a workout. It's a great source of protein and helps my body recover."

Jake Vedder:

Snowboard Cross

"When I'm training and traveling all the time, recovery is huge for me. So when I'm getting my stretching done, I'm also recovering with chocolate milk."